Mission Outreach

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.
There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.

I Cor. 12:4,5

Bayside Christian Church practices mission outreach.

We offer monetary support to those who suffer the effects of economic crisis, family dislocation and natural disasters.

We help provide food for the homeless. Several times each year we join with other churches to prepare meals.

We give gifts and supplies to the Lighthouse Center for homeless clients.

We collaborate with Virginia Beach Social Services to provide food to help families in need through our Cheer Pantry.

We make the church facilities available to serve the community.
– AA meetings four nights each week
– Chesapeake Beach Civic Association
– Weddings and Family celebrations

We seek to discover our Spiritual Gifts and Talents in offsite retreats and conferences led by the Pastor.

In these and other ways we strive to express God’s love with our resources.

Pearl Faith Community

We have partnered with the “Pearl Faith Community” program of the Lynnhaven River Now a not-for-profit organization. We will be in a position to learn much more about resources for environmental education and specific projects that teach stewardship of our natural habitat. LRNow at present has five faith communities enrolled, coming from Christian, Jewish, or other traditions. Keep on the lookout for more news from this exciting offering!


The Green Team

The Trustees and the Official Board have approved the creation of the “Green Team”.

The purpose is:

  1. Develop plans for storm water retention and seek reduction of fees for processing from city.
  2. Create plans for using more native plantings on our grounds and provide related educational programs for our children and interested adults.
  3. Collaborate with Lynnhaven River Now to use available resources to advance the Pearl Faith Community objectives.
  4. Invite members and friends to participate in various hands-on activities and projects to increase environmental health.



Mike Minor installing clc rain barrels

Mike Minor installing clc rain barrels





Mike Minor installed a gutter and five 50 gallon drums to collect rain for the children’s garden. Next, children will paint the barrels once adults have done the prep work. When finished we will have a special dedication/celebration service


Volunteers preparing meals for the homeless, at the Judeo Christian Outreach Center

Volunteers preparing meals for the homeless, Dec. 23 at JCOC

Volunteers preparing meals for the homeless, Dec. 23 at JCOC