About the Church

Bayside Christian Church professes Jesus Christ as Lord and head of the Church. The Church as the body of Christ is the living manifestation of Jesus present in our world and lives within us through the reality of God’s Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is love and we seek to recognize the presence of God as we love one another in the manner and Spirit of Christ who gave himself for us.

We encourage members and guests to seek a personal relationship with God through the many ways each is led by the Holy Spirit.

Our faith is expressed in fellowship, mission outreach, prayer, Bible study and caring for others.

We are a neighborhood church. Our congregation began more than fifty years ago as neighbors working together to establish a church in the Bayside area.

We are a locally autonomous congregation in the Protestant tradition and are part of the United Church of Christ.

We were supported by Congregational Christian Churches and became a part of that denomination.  In 1957, after the merger of two denominations, we became the United Church of Christ. Each congregation is self-governing in sharing the gospel.

Initially most members lived in the community near the church. Today, members and friends come from near and far, but the neighborhood character of personal friendships and belonging prevail.