"Touching Lives... Making a Difference"

Located in Chesapeake Beach -- Virginia Beach, Va.

Who We Are


Bayside Christian Church is a caring congregation.

As the needs of those in our fellowship become known to us, we reach out – spiritually, emotionally and practically.

We wish to include those who may be short-term residents as participants in our caring ministries. In this way, we offer prayer, understanding and personal presence.

We offer support in practical ways with the assurance that we represent the spirit of compassion shown to us in Christ, who came that we may have life, and have it more abundantly!

We believe the church is here to serve the community and seek to improve the quality of life of those around us.

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Mission Outreach

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit.
There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.

I Cor. 12:4,5

Bayside Christian Church practices mission outreach.

We offer monetary support to those who suffer the effects of economic crisis, family dislocation and natural disasters.

We help provide food for the homeless. Several times each year we join with other churches to prepare meals.

We give gifts and supplies to the Lighthouse Center for homeless clients.

We collaborate with Virginia Beach Social Services to provide food to help families in need through our Cheer Pantry.

We make the church facilities available to serve the community.
– AA meetings four nights each week
– Chesapeake Beach Civic Association
– Weddings and Family celebrations

We seek to discover our Spiritual Gifts and Talents in offsite retreats and conferences led by the Pastor.

In these and other ways we strive to express God’s love with our resources.

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About the Church


Bayside Christian Church professes Jesus Christ as Lord and head of the Church. The Church as the body of Christ is the living manifestation of Jesus present in our world and lives within us through the reality of God’s Holy Spirit.

We are a locally autonomous congregation in the Protestant tradition and are part of the United Church of Christ.

We encourage members and guests to seek a personal relationship with God through the many ways each is led by the Holy Spirit.

Our faith is expressed in fellowship, mission outreach, prayer, Bible study and caring for others.

We believe ultimately that God is love and we seek to recognize the presence of God as we love one another in the manner and Spirit of Christ who gave himself for us.

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Our Gallery

Erik & Angela

Erik and Angela Tonnesen Joined Bayside on May 18th

Linda & Earl

Linda and Earl Tonneson joined Bayside on May 18th


Galen “Rocky” Edney Joined on May 18th

Valerie & Trevor Dawson

Valerie & Trevor Dawson joined on May 18th

New Members

Trevor Dawson, Valerie Dawson, Galen “Rocky” Edney,
Linda Tonnesen, Earl Tonnesen, Erik Tonnesen and Angela Tonnesen joined on May 18th

Easter Sunday Worship 2014

The Congregation at Easter 2014

Releasing Butterflys

Earth Day Butterfly Release 2014

Planting for Earth Day 2014

The kids at CLC planting on Earth Day

Quilt For the Lynnhaven River Now Fundraiser

Quilt for the Lynnhaven River Now Fundraiser

Preparing a Meal for the Homeless 3

Preparing a Meal for the Homeless 3